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A summer afternoon

Thermalire, a farniente literary voyage

In the shade of trees, the light of culture

After the rosalie ride, we decide to take advantage of the expanses of greenery offered by the spa park. However, sunstroke is out of the question! So it’s in the shade of the trees that we take a well-deserved break, and discover a surprising summer library.

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Thermal relaxation at Pavillon Émeraude

If this morning has been rather sporty, the afternoon is relaxing! We’ve returned the rosalies to their owner, and are looking for a place to lie down in the shade. Then, at the bend in the path, we come across the Pavillon Émeraude, and a strange gathering: deckchairs, mats, games… all of which seem to delight young and old.

We decide to join in, and find out what all the fuss is about. Before long, we see a small stand with two or three people chatting happily. We approach it: it’s Thermalire, Vittel’s summer library. The librarians offer us vacation notebooks, games and books, and invite us to make ourselves comfortable. We opt for the deckchairs, while the children prefer the floor mats.

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All about Thermalire

Thermalire is freely accessible and free of charge.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, July and August, 3pm to 6pm

The summer library is located on the Emerald Pavilion level.

Every Wednesday and Saturday at 4:30 p.m., a variety of activities are offered.

Thermalire isn't just about reading!

While we’re immersed in our reading, a gentle voice takes the floor and begins: “Once upon a time…”. This mysterious speaker is a storyteller, who has come especially for the occasion to narrate the adventures of a few heroes and heroines. The children drop their books, turn on their stomachs, lean on their elbows and listen attentively to this melodious voice. We also let ourselves be carried away by the storyteller’s voice, until we are captivated by it.

A literary journey, then a sensory one

After this literary journey, which immersed us in the world of adventure and storytelling, our stomachs woke up and made us feel that they too needed a trip. To continue our relaxing afternoon and turn it into a relaxing evening, we extend our zen experience by heading to the mini golf course, just a few meters away.