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Leaving the city

And discovering the Vosges forest

The place for all your desires

Just outside Vittel, the forest opens its doors and branches to us: whether we fancy a good muscle-building session, seeing the animals with the kids or simply getting a change of scenery by sleeping in a perched hut, the Vittel forest caters for all our desires.

Animal encounters

From Vit Tel Ta Nature

We head for the landscaped parks of Vit Tel Ta Nature. In the middle of the forest, surrounded by wild animals, hens, roosters, goats, peacocks and even donkeys and rabbits are waiting for us to admire them. And rightly so: the forest seems to suit them.

Here, in the middle of the Vosges forest, coolness is the order of the day: the trees cover us with their branches, and put animals and humans in the shade of the sun.

If we feel like exploring the forest, Vit Tel Ta Nature offers bikes for hire for a ride.

Discover Vit Tel Ta Nature

All about Vit Tel Ta Nature

The parks are open from March to November only. You can stroll around free of charge, without needing to make a reservation.

From March to November, at 9 a.m., you can take part in an animal care and feeding workshop. These workshops are free of charge, but you can make a contribution to the animals’ feeding and veterinary costs.

Groups are also welcome at Vit Tel Ta Nature. Tours can be customized, and a home-cooked snack is available on reservation. The cost is 5€/person and 50€ for a group of up to 12 people. The snack is €2.50 per person.

For more information or to book, contact Cindy on 06 01 01 23 96 or by email at

Keeping fit

And enjoy the Vosges countryside

We pedal out of Vit Tel Ta Nature back onto the road from Vittel to Contrexéville. As we approach Vittel, we stop on the outskirts of the town. There’s a playground there for young and old. We’ll be taking a sporting break for the more courageous, while the others can simply enjoy the scenery.

Sports and games

Just next door to the unusual accommodations is a sports and games park where rowing machines, pull-up bars, stepper machines and elliptical bikes await us. We ditch the elliptical for the other equipment, just in time for a little muscle-building before returning to our bikes and the city.

Those who prefer to settle down will be on the lookout for the kids climbing the tree house and sliding down the slides. It’s not a restful break, but it’s a good one!

Baskets of local produce

If you’re stopping overnight at Vit Tel Ta Nature, take the opportunity to sample baskets of 100% local produce. These baskets, which will be provided by the hosts, will allow you to taste all the richness of Vosges flavors.

Vit Tel Ta Nature’s cabins

There’s nothing like Vit Tel Ta Nature’s cabins for a good night’s sleep. Whether you opt for the perched cabins or play it Hobbit-style with the semi-underground cabins, a change of scenery and disconnection are guaranteed.

Discover Vit Tel Ta Nature’s cabins

Back to town

For an evening at the Casino

We’ll be heading back to the city and our hotel, for an evening in a completely different style.

This evening, we’re going to enjoy the Casino of Vittel and spend an evening. Proper attire required, so we erase the traces of our sporting adventures with a good shower. Long dress, dangling earrings, a touch of make-up for me, tuxedo for Monsieur, it’s time to hit the road to play Casino Royal.


Champagne and candlelit dinner before the Casino

Glasses of champagne in hand, we begin with a candlelit dinner. We need to regain our strength before throwing ourselves into the battle and betting our chips. To get us in the mood, we take advantage of the Privilège terrace and its musical evening before heading to the Casino and the slot machines… for an evening rich in emotion.

An evening at the Casino of Vittel