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A duo evening

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Tonight is the big night. In the wardrobe, I slip on my long black dress, big, thin, long earrings. I adjust my make-up: a final stroke of eyeliner, a little blush and lipstick. As for Monsieur, he’s got out his handsome three-piece suit and his best watch. Tonight, we’re going to the Casino, and not just any Casino: the one in Vittel!

The restaurant before the games

Our shoes click on the sidewalk before we stop in front of the Casino facade. We make friends with our front neighbors, who explain that they’ve come by booking their all-inclusive stay: “Casino en Duo 1 jour et 1 nuit”.

Once inside, we take time to admire the architecture and decoration. Before launching into the games, we go to the restaurant Le Privilège to get our strength back. A charming dinner awaits us, in a cosy atmosphere. As we’re located close to the windows, we can observe the nightlife, in a moment that’s at once calm, gourmet and lively.

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Casino facts

The Casino is open daily from Sunday to Thursday from 9am to 1am, and on Fridays, Saturdays and the eve of public holidays from 9am to 3am.

The Le Privilège restaurant is open daily from 12:00 to 13:30 and from 19:15 to 21:30. Reservations are recommended for the restaurant.

Proper attire is required: tank tops and shorts are not accepted.

Identification is required for access to the games room.

En route to the games

We then make our way to the gaming room. Here, 75 slot machines, 6 blackjack tables (4 of them automatic) and 12 automatic English roulette machines await us. Initially reluctant, we dared to place a few larger bets. At the Casino de Vittel, most of the winnings are donated to charity.

A rejuvenating break before the final bets

As gambling makes you thirsty, we decide to go and refresh ourselves at the bar, which is open continuously. Glasses in hand, we watch the regulars at the blackjack table. After all, a casino is a business. We catch a glimpse of the manager, who is making sure that everything runs smoothly for everyone. We quietly finish our drinks, then place another bet or two before heading home to finish our night… snug and warm in our bed.

After the Casino, it's time for the horses

After this duo evening at the Casino, and a good night’s sleep to recuperate, we’re on the attack for a new day. We’re staying in the spirit of gambling… but this time equestrian. What awaits us is an immersion at the Vittel racecourse: in the skin of a jockey, but also of a punter.

Live a day at the racecourse

Vittel feelings

If the Casino immerses you in the world of gambling, as does the racecourse, Vittel offers a whole host of other sensations. Sport, relaxation or heritage, revitalize yourself with local breaths.