Festival des Bouteilles FollesFestival des Bouteilles Folles
©Festival des Bouteilles Folles|DALIA Jean-Jacques

The Bouteilles Folles festival

Rock in the spa town

Tonight, we’re out and about, and we’re not going just anywhere… The Festival des Bouteilles Folles is waiting for us! We’re going to enjoy two headliners and two young rock talents… All free of charge.

In the heart of the spa town

Vibrate to the sound of rock

From the thermal park, where we’re pedaling our rosalie, we hear the sound of bass and musical trials. Intrigued, we inquire, and learn that a rock festival takes place every year in mid-August at Parc Badenweiler. The Festival des Bouteilles Folles, hosts two headliners and two promising young talents of French rock every year.

Both one and two, we decide to go and see what this festival is all about. But there’s no need to hurry, we can hear the rehearsals. So we finish our tour in the rosalie, and head back to the hotel. What a pity we forgot our leather jackets… Although, with the mid-August heat, not sure we’d have worn them…

We head for Parc Badenweiler, where the crowds start to throng to listen to the music and get into the mood. As night falls, the energy rises. The Park is transformed into a dance floor, where young and old commune to the rhythm of the music.

"The Bouteilles Folles" festival

Every year in mid-August, it is free of charge

Two headliners and two young talents

In the heart of the city, Badenweiler Park

Les Fatals Picards, the kings of 2022

Les Fatals Picards blend humor, second degree and militant commitment through a variety of registers. From French chanson to punk and rock, this comedy rock band brings joy and motivation to their songs. Headlining the 2022 Festival des Bouteilles Folles, they delighted the 3,000 or so people who came to listen and enjoy the festival.

A shared passion

Who shares

One artist follows another on the concert stage. Young talents and headliners alike are applauded with equal enthusiasm. The lyrics are a little more familiar for the headliners, but that doesn’t stop us from giving our voices for all those who take the stage.

After giving breath and voice all evening, it’s now time to head back to our hotel. As the musicians and bands put away their instruments, we are lucky enough to be able to approach them and chat with them. We share the same passion: rock music. And that brings us closer together than any other passion.