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Golf, a pleasure at every level

An astounding experience…

Today, we’re going golfing“. I’ll let you imagine my face, when I realized I wasn’t going to spend an hour or two on a green, but an entire afternoon. And yet, it turned out to be an exciting day. With some progress to show for it, thanks to the great advice we were given throughout the day.

Lunch, and then it's off to the golf course!

Passing through the Parc Thermal, we couldn’t miss the Vittel Ermitage golf course. Despite my reluctance, and before taking the plunge into the big leagues, we bought a “Pass Vittel Côté Green”. This gave us access to the Vittel Hazeau Golf Club, with the added bonus of lunch in a Vittellois restaurant to keep our strength up. After enjoying ourselves, we head to the Golf Club Vittel Hazeau, behind the Centre de Préparation Omnisports, for two hours of initiation.

This is where all my preconceptions go out the window. Although golf is a leisurely sport, it demands concentration and calls on many muscles. After a good hour, I can feel my arms warming up, while club handling starts to get easier.

Thankfully, our instructors for the day are attentive and caring. When the first ball finally hits its target, there’s an explosion of joy: my arms have worked hard, my abs hurt, but I’ve done it! Now that we’re ready to hit the links, it’s off to Golf de Vittel Ermitage.

4 essential tips

On the "Vittel Côté Green Pass".

Offer valid weekdays or weekends, subject to availability.

The Vittel Côté Green pass starts at €67/person.

There is no additional charge for equipment rental.

Lunch is only valid at partner restaurants

110 years of golf is no mean feat!

The Golf de Vittel Ermitage is a Vittel institution. In fact, it celebrated its 115th anniversary in 2020. Its mythical course awaits us: Mont Saint-Jean and its eighteen holes. We take our time and take a few breaths, admiring the trees that line the course. For this is a more athletic course that will require even more patience and precision!


The Mont Saint-Jean course, for competitors

We now set out to attack the more challenging Mont Saint-Jean course. Incidentally, this is the course on which federal competitions are held, with a finish in front of Vittel’s most beautiful hotel: the Hotel Ermitage. The lengths between holes and the sloping shots sometimes make us cringe.

On this more physical course, it’s above all the viewpoint, at an altitude of 400 meters, that’s worth the detour. To our credit, we finish it with a great deal of patience. Tired but happy to have reached the end, we return our equipment and our cart. After all, what would golf be without a cart?

Year-round or seasonal, to each his own

The Mont Saint-Jean course is open all year round, but beware of the federal competition schedule that may prevent you from practicing.

Rates to suit all requirements

The Golf de Vittel Ermitage offers you the chance to play on your own or learn to play golf through individual or group lessons, as well as courses. You can also rent your own equipment. Find all rates on the golf website.

Le Club Med Vittel Ermitage, a heritage in the heart of nature

If you’re opting for a 100% nature break, we couldn’t recommend this hotel more highly. Built in 1920, the art deco-style hotel complex is nestled in 700 hectares of lush, green countryside. A tranquil setting that will make you want to stay, just a little longer.

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Close to nature

This afternoon swept away all my preconceptions about golf. Initially reluctant, the initiation reassured me and taught me the right moves. The kindness of the instructors was a great help. The round of the Vittel Ermitage golf course was the just reward for our efforts, with a magnificent sunset over the town as the icing on the cake. We leave the golf course, but don’t go far: tonight, we’ll be sleeping on the edge of the Parc Thermal de Vittel, in Romy’s Chalet.

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