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Vittel thermal baths

In a place bathed in light, treatments take place under the high benevolence of a professional care team. It’s with a smile that, every year, our loyal curists gather in a friendly atmosphere where everyone is recognized by name.

Based on proven techniques, the doctors draw up their prescriptions from a varied and complementary range of treatments. Strict hygiene protocols ensure the utmost safety and add extra comfort to the smooth running of the cure.

The quality of Vittel’s waters is invaluable
Three mineral waters for the drinking cure and one thermal water for treatments:

Vittel Grande Source
Rich in calcium, it is the most diuretic of French waters. It promotes toxin elimination and stimulates kidney function.

Vittel Bonne Source
The least mineralized of Vittel’s waters, is a light water. It soothes fragile intestines, eases bloating and improves slow digestion.

The richest in magnesium of French mineral waters is recommended for tired people, migraine sufferers and helps intestinal transit.

Felicie spring water
This is the water for spa treatments. Natural and underground, the water captured at depth is enriched with minerals on its slow journey. It has analgesic properties on joints and contributes to skeletal strength. It is also conducive to kidney and digestive treatments.