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Preparing my medical cure in Vittel

Preparing my medical cure

in 8 steps
1 – I go and see my GP or specialist

To get a prescription for a spa treatment, on which is indicated the name of the spa as well as the orientation or dual orientation

2 – I pre-book my cure dates

With the spa establishment using a deposit check

3 – I apply for reimbursement

With my Health Insurance fund. To be reimbursed, your medical spa cure must be prescribed by a doctor (general practitioner or specialist), last at least 18 days (3-week cure), belong to the therapeutic orientations covered.

4 – Once I’ve received my request for reimbursement, I know what my reimbursement rate will be

The Assurance Maladie will reimburse you a minimum of 65% of the “tarif forfaitaire de responsabilité”, or 100% in the case of long-term illness.
Your complementary health insurance may reimburse you for the “complément tarifaire” (not covered by the Assurance Maladie). Find out more!

You are responsible for any expenses related to your accommodation or your stay at Vittel.

5 – I make an appointment with a spa doctor

He is the one who prescribes my spa treatments. The consultation must take place the day before or the day of my arrival at the spa (before my welcome appointment at the spa establishment). See the list of doctors

6 – I book my accommodation with the Vittel Tourist Office (FREE service)

Online or by telephone on 03 29 08 08 88

7 – I confirm cure dates with the spa establishment
8 – I prepare my arrival

I organize my transport, I pack my bags and I don’t forget my curist’s kit!