Vittel from aboveVittel from above, aerial view of Vittel, view of the racecourse
©Vittel from above|Eric Marguet

Land of water

Terre d’eau: a rich territory of 45 communes in the western Vosges

Terre d’eau: a gold mine
Created on January 1, 2018, the ‘Communauté de Communes Terre d’Eau’ has over 18.600 inhabitants and surely just as many discoveries…

Vittel and Contrexéville, renowned spa resorts, are the gateway to this territory of 45 communes, where nature and culture combine, through various architectural, historical and artisanal riches.

This goldmine for nature lovers and family tourism is represented by over 200 km of signposted footpaths criss-crossing the “Terres d’O” territory.

With an outstanding natural and architectural heritage, the ‘Terre d’Eau’ offer wooded and undulating landscapes, interspersed with waterways.

So you can discover pretty towns and villages, producers and craftsmen who love their local produce, get away from it all on foot or by bike, enjoy numerous sports, leisure and stress management activities, relax in the thermal waters…

Terre d’eau: an environment of forests and meadows
An invitation to relaxation and cultural strolls, real discoveries as you walk in a green setting between springs and lakes, architectural heritage, spas, leisure centres, forests and parks….

Discover the nuggets of the 45 communes of Terre d’eau

  • AINGEVILLE – 18 km from Vittel

Church of St Rémi (19th century)
Weeping ash, classified as a remarkable tree

  • AULNOIS – 18 km from Vittel

Chglise de la Conversion St Paul (XVIè)
2 calvaries and 1 oratory
Colline des Vignes with a remarkable view over the whole area
Communal conservatory orchard

  • AUZAINVILLIERS – 15 km from Vittel

Chglise St Pierre

  • BAZOILLES-ET-MENIL – 15 km from Vittel

Eglise St Rémy
Château (former nuns’ retirement home), near the Roman road from Langres to the Moselle

  • BEAUFREMONT – 20 km from Vittel

Distillerie du Château : AOC Mirabelle plum brandy – Free for individuals, guided tours available for groups. Direct sales – 2 Le Château – 03 29 06 53 14
Vestiges of the Château-fort (13th century)
Croix de chemin (15th century) classified as a Historic Monument

  • BELMONT-SUR-VAIR – 12 km from Vittel

Croix (16th century) located in the village, classified as a Historic Monument

  • BULGNEVILLE – 10 km from Vittel

Lacs des Récollets, “fauna and flora” educational trail, conservatory orchard, beehives
Eighteenth-century St-Pierre St-Paul church (statues, altarpiece, 15th-century high relief)
Marant fountain (Arlesian well),
Naingrecourt fountain,
Ronde des Curtilles fountain
Lavoir from 1811 near Lac des Récollets
Former hospice, ancien couvent des Récollets (devenu Maison Familiale Rurale)
Ecomusée Fernand Utzmann des traditions locales, du lait et de la fromagerie – 03 29 09 12 51
Musée Militaire – 06 47 80 29 28
Parc Mandela
Fromagerie de l’Ermitage (factory outlet, 718 rue Division Leclerc) – 03 29 09 14 33

  • CRAINVILLIERS – 13 km from Vittel

Eglise St Maurice
Haut des Vignes (remarkable viewpoint)
Jardin des sources (Route des jardins)

  • DOMBROT-SUR-VAIR – 13 km from Vittel

Eglise St Denis
Osiculteur-vannier Régis Colin, free studio visit by appointment (03 29 08 24 00)

  • DOMEVRE-SOUS-MONTFORT – 15 km from Vittel

Eglise St Epvre
Ecuries du Montfort and farrier M. Jeannot – 60 Grande Rue – 06 74 99 90 30

  • DOMJULIEN – 9 km from Vittel

Church, 1541 altarpiece, entombment (late 15th, early 16th century), choeur
Haut de St Michel (point de vue remarquable) avec statue de la Vierge
GAEC du Bramont (vente directe de viande bovine) – 03 29 08 49 14

  • ESTRENNES – 15 km from Vittel

Eglise St Rémi
Pelouse calcaire du Haut de Chra (orchids)
Ferme Pays’Anne (seasonal vegetables and organic lamb) – Mme Verdenal 03 29 09 52 42

  • GEMMELAINCOURT – 12 km from Vittel

Eglise St Maur
Château de Gemmelaincourt (XVIIIth century)
Chambre d’hôtes Le Jardin des Lys 3 épis

  • GENDREVILLE – 22 km from Vittel

La Forge d’Antan – 11 rue Mougin – guided tour 2 € (free -12ans) – Mr Petelot 06 70 89 03 39
La forge d’antan (visits from May to September)
Chapelle dedicated to Notre-Dame de Bonsecours
Croix de chemin classified as a Monument Historique
Eglise St Rémy, 12th-century Romanesque with Gothic nave

  • HAGNEVILLE-ET-RONCOURT – 17 km from Vittel

Château de Roncourt (18th century)
Chglise Ste Gontrude, with the sarcophagus of Ste Gontrude (5th century lid)
Southern 16th century calvary
Early 17th century calvary
Chglise de l’Assomption de Notre-Dame (1854)

  • HAREVILLE-SOUS-MONTFORT – 5 km from Vittel

Church of St Férréol and St Ferjeux
Plum tree garden (Route des jardins)

  • HOUECOURT – 17 km from Vittel

Church of St Quentin
Park, enclosure and farm of Château de Houécourt (14th century)

  • LA NEUVEVILLE-SOUS-MONTFORT – 8 km from Vittel

Eglise St Romaric
Jardin des cépages (Route des jardins)
Vin Bleu – Coopérative Viticole du Montfort – 03 29 07 70 80 ou 06 84 36 40 57
Production of fruity vin gris and vin bleu (registered trademark) on over 3ha

  • LA VACHERESSE-ET-LA-ROUILLIE – 17 km from Vittel

Church of St Nicolas at la Rouillie
Church of Notre-Dame at la Vacheresse

  • MALAINCOURT – 18 km from Vittel

Sixteenth-century roadside cross
Church of St Laurent (15th-century entombment, composed of 8 figures 1.30 m high)

  • MANDRES-SUR-VAIR – 8 km from Vittel

Old castle
Church of St Maurice (open occasionally)
Chapelle des Ossements, Chapelle Belle-Croix
Jardin des couleurs (Route des jardins)
Organic market gardeners Peter and Sophie DUFRAIGNE – Thursdays and Fridays from 2pm to 6pm at the garden – present every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month at the Marché du Terroir de Mattaincourt from 8:30am to 12pm – 06 07 61 15 44

  • MEDONVILLE – 20 km from Vittel

Ferme du Petit Elevage (poultry and eggs) – Amandine FERRY – 4 rue Albert Voilquin – 06 33 77 25 25
Eglise Notre-Dame
Etang communal
Cross on the Anger bridge

  • MONTHUREUX-LE-SEC – 17 km from Vittel

Eglise St Martin
Ruines du Château-fort (in the small wood opposite the Grésille farm)
Col du Poirier (remarkable viewpoint)
Jardin gourmand (Route des jardins)

  • MORVILLE – 15 km from Vittel

Eglise St Jean-Baptiste

  • NORROY – 5 km from Vittel

Ferme pédagogique du Pichet – M. Mathieu 06 70 81 05 43
Vestiges de l’Ancienne Commanderie des Templiers
Chapelle Ste Anne
Croix mission (panoramic view of Vittel)
Jardin des vergers (Route des jardins)

  • OFFROICOURT – 13 km from Vittel

Church of Notre Dame

  • PAREY-SOUS-MONTFORT – 13 km from Vittel

Church of St Martin
Rehabilitated former Premonstratensian Abbey
Maison Seigneuriale du Houx (private) – Info on visits

  • REMONCOURT – 10 km from Vittel

Chglise St Rémi (listed statues)
Chapelle Notre-Dame de l’Annonciation undergoing renovation

  • ROZEROTTE – 13 km from Vittel

Church of St Roch with 2 restored paintings
Old-style communal orchard
Remarkable oak tree over 300 years old

  • SAINT-OUEN-LES-PAREY – 19 km from Vittel

Lavoir Ste Ode
Church of Notre-Dame in Parey, whose primitive foundations date from the 9th century
Chglise de la Ste Trinité à St-Ouen founded in the 12th century (organ built around 1883)
Manoir dating from the 16th and 17th centuries
Remarkable oak tree with landscaped access
Jardin d’Ode (remarkable garden) – May to September, Wednesday to Sunday 2pm-6pm – route de Martigny – 06 66 22 01 68 or 03 29 07 20 69

  • SAINT-REMIMONT – 10 km from Vittel

Eglise St Rémy (XVIIth century)
Statue de St Rémy classée aux Monuments Historiques

  • SANDAUCOURT – 18 km from Vittel

Eglise St Ludomier (XVth century), organ built around 1850
Croix de chemin (16th century), listed as a Historic Monument in 1908
La Ruche Vosgienne (honey and honey derivatives) – Open all year round – 3 rue du Château – 03 29 94 59 99
Château de Sandaucourt (16th-18th centuries) square plan, built by the Beauvau family. Guided tour approx. 45 min. 01/07 to 15/08 daily 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm – 1 rue du Château – 06 60 34 63 50

  • SAULXURES-LES-BULGNEVILLE – 14 km from Vittel

Eglise St Martin
Jeanne d’Arc and St Nicolas museum in the church hall, open all year round 9 am to 6 pm – free admission
Seventeenth-century castle converted into a bed and breakfast – M. Sengel 03 29 09 21 73
Prautois graves: at the top of the vineyard path, it’s possible to see 13 bell towers (remarkable viewpoint)
Barbazan Bridge, between Saulxures and Vaudoncourt
Lancaster crash stele (near the Lake) and grave of Canadian soldiers

  • SAUVILLE – 22 km from Vittel

Church of St Brice, neo-Gothic style (19th century)

  • SURIAUVILLE – 9 km from Vittel

Jardin au fil de l’eau (Route des jardins)
Ferme des Orchidées – Direct sale of beef and veal – route de Crainvilliers – 06 80 52 55 52
Haras du Rond Pré, equestrian center (lessons, courses, rides, coaching). All year round – 591 route de Bulgnéville – 06 62 91 37 35
Eglise St Blaise
Birthplace of Mother Mathilde Raclot, founding nun of the Futaba School in Japan.
Stele of aviator F. Michela, American pilot shot down in 1944 over the Suriauville forest

  • THEY-SOUS-MONTFORT – 4.5 km from Vittel

Jardin des Légendes (Route des Jardins)
Church of St Symphorien 17th century
Chapelle Notre-Dame de Grâce
The 5 fountains
The Col du Poteau (462 m, point du vue sur les Hautes-Vosges)

  • THUILLIERES – 9 km from Vittel

Château de Thuillières classified as a Historic Monument. Built in 1722 by and for G. Boffrand. Open daily from July 15 to August 15 (1:30pm-2:30pm-3:30pm-4:30pm). 172 rue Nicole de Finance. Tel : 06 60 34 63 50
Musée Eve Lavallière (inside the château) famous Belle Epoque actress who ended her life in Thuillières.

  • URVILLE – 21 km from Vittel

Church of the Translation of St Martin, built in the late 12th, late 15th and early 16th centuries.

  • VALFROICOURT – 13 km from Vittel

Chglise Notre-Dame
Château Maugiron

  • VALLEROY-LE-SEC – 13 km from Vittel

Chglise St Jean-Baptiste (18th century)
Jardin d’Eau’sier (Route des jardins)
La Ferme des Copains (bio) – Farmer-bakers producing flour, breads, pasta, œufs – 361 route d’Haréville – 09 79 53 66 92

  • VAUDONCOURT – 14 km from Vittel

Eglise St Barthélémy

  • VIVIERS-LES-OFFROICOURT – 11 km from Vittel

Church of St Epvre

  • VRECOURT – 25 km from Vittel

Church of St Martin, 12th-century tower, the rest dating from the 17th and 18th centuries, organ built in 1894 by Jacquot-Jeanpierre & Cie
Ferme Le Pré Vert (bio) – Lentils, oils, cereals, meats (beef, veal, pork, chicken) – 06 82 97 97 97 (Thierry) or 06 52 36 44 13 (Lili)