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©Bike ride along the racecourse with golfers|J.F Hamard
In the heart of the city and the park

Roll your hump... and your wheel!

Stroll in total freedom!

Cycling is the best way to get around Vittel and the surrounding area. Everything is in place for us to enjoy our ride, either on our own or accompanied by the Tourist Office. We mount up, and off we go on our adventure!

Miles for everyone!

To reach our destination for the day, we leave Vittel and take the road to Contrexéville. We stop off in the forest, on the catchment area for the two towns’ mineral waters. This is where we’ll be spending the day, and believe us, there’s plenty to do.

We’re accompanied by glorious sunshine and cloudless blue skies. After breakfast in a Vittello bakery, we head to the bike rental store. Vitt’el Roul offers mountain bikes, VAEs and VTCs. We opt for the VTC, so we can go just about anywhere.

Once we’ve chosen our mounts, we set off from the store towards the spa park. The weather is neither too cool nor too hot, just what we need for a sporty moment, but not too hot either. We cross the park, skirting the thermal gallery and then the racecourse. We reach the golf course, and stop at the Mont Saint-Jean viewpoint, where we can admire the city as a whole.

Rent my bike

Three ideas for cycling tours

Parc Circuit

Course n° 1 – 4,850kms, vertical drop 26m
Path with a wooded section and a magnificent view of the Club Med hotels, the racecourse and the golf driving range.

Bois Circuit

Course n° 2 – 7,150kms, elevation gain 71m
Path with a wooded section and a magnificent view of the Club Med hotels, the racecourse and the golf driving range.
Starting from Vittel park

They-sous-Monfort Circuit

Course No. 3 – 11.250kms, elevation gain 152m
Half-shade, half-sun path, with many cultural and natural attractions to discover: Church, fountains, chapel, 18-hole golf courses, ball-trap, racecourse, Thermes de Vittel.


Radiating conviviality

We then headed out of Vittel to the nearby village of They-sous-Montfort. Which would have taken us longer if we’d just walked. We chat to the locals outside, then continue on our way to the plains. Now it’s time to make our way back to Vittel.

Share with others

On the way back, we decide to pass through the thermal park again. We can’t get enough of this thermal park, its architecture, its greenery, its soothing immensity. We come across other cyclists who are out for a bike ride of their own. We point out the paths we’ve taken and let them set off on their own adventure. We then head back to the bike store, where we return our precious mounts.

Once we’d returned our bikes, our hunger began to set in. During our ride, we spotted a nice-looking little bistro. The photos and menu we saw made our mouths water. So it’s decided: this lunchtime, we’ll eat at COF.

Recover like sportsmen

After a healthy, gourmet meal, it was time to continue our discovery of Vittel. And what better way to reward ourselves than with a moment of relaxation at the Vittel Spa, an institution in this town! So off we go to the thermal baths, for a most relaxing afternoon, which will save us from the aches and pains of our cycling adventure.