PilatesPilates class taught by Stéphanie, in the Thermes de Vittel gym
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One day for

discovering Pilates

This morning, it’s raining… And when it’s raining, walks in the Vosges plains are bound to be less interesting. But we’re not about to get bored; we’re going to take advantage of the spa to be pampered… And it starts now, with a small, but not insignificant, physical effort. We’re taking up Pilates, a sport that’s a cross between yoga and muscle strengthening.

A discipline for centering and focusing

Breathing, alignment, centering, control and precision: these are the teachings of Pilates.

As the sun seems to be the great absentee of the day, the class takes place at the Thermes. So we head to reception, where we’re greeted by a hostess. As a warm-up, and to get to our class, the hostess who informs us tells us that the class takes place in the gym upstairs.

Armed with our good will, our bottle of water, our towel and our mat, we set off towards this room that seems to be waiting for us. Once we reach the top – and not even out of breath – we discover a bright room, covered with parquet on the floor and mirrors on the wall. The room is reminiscent of the dance studios we once knew.

When we arrive, there aren’t many of us. There’s still a little time before the class starts, and we see a stream of women of all ages, athletic and less so. One of them introduces herself: she’s Stéphanie, our teacher. We join our mats, and off we go!

Three facts about Pilates

What is it?

Pilates is a gentle form of exercise designed to strengthen the body’s deep muscle chains.

By whom?

Classes are taught by a state-qualified instructor

For whom?

Pilates remains a gentle discipline, open to all, whether you’re athletic or not.

Discovering Pilates

Throughout the session, we feel our muscles working, stretching and then relaxing. Stéphanie encourages us, and the mirrors, if they unsettled us at first, help us to check our movements.


An activity you can practice without moderation

If there’s one activity you can practice without moderation, it’s Pilates. A cross between yoga and muscle strengthening, this discipline, which requires a minimum of effort, is neither violent nor traumatic for the body. Whether you’re tired, stressed or stiff as a post, Stéphanie knows how to adapt to your level and help you progress towards relaxation, while firming up your muscles. Say goodbye to pelvic and back pain! Your posture and balance will gradually improve.

4 Pilates sessions per week

Stéphanie offers up to 4 Pilates sessions per week. Ideal for discovering the discipline and leaving with the essential foundations of well-being!

A session accessible to all

€8 per session

The essential equipment for a good session

For each session, don’t forget to bring a bottle of water and a towel. A mat will be provided.

A moment for yourself

At the end of the session, Stéphanie offers us a moment of relaxation: about ten minutes of stretching. On our mat, Stéphanie shows us the right gestures to properly relax all our muscles… We close our eyes and let ourselves go…. Finally, we open our eyes and stand up.

We’re perfectly relaxed and at ease in our bodies.

This Pilates session has enabled us to work all our muscles… And to perfect our balance, we’ll be taking advantage of the Spa treatments this afternoon!

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