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An afternoon at the Vittel Spa

Escape for two at the Vittel Spa

Whether you’re a couple or a group of friends… Vittel Spa is an institution not to be missed during your stay in Vittel. Whether for facial or body treatments, duo packages or mini-cures, the Vittel Spa is THE place to recharge your batteries in total serenity.

The Vittel Spa, a duo break

After a good morning’s pedaling through the many lanes of the Parc Thermal, and around Vittel, our afternoon promises to be far more relaxing. We return to the Parc Thermal, but this time to the Vittel Spa, for a well-deserved duo break.

On this sunny afternoon, there’s no need for artificial lights in the Vittel Spa; the sun takes care of offering us our first treatment. A bath of light caresses our faces, in an atmosphere that reflects everything we’ve come for this afternoon: rest.

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All about Vittel Spa

The Vittel Spa is open from March 27 to December 2, 2023.

Vittel Spa treatments are forbidden to minors under the age of 16, and to women who are pregnant or who have given birth within the last three months.

Bathrobe, towels and sandals are provided by Vittel Spa (bring your own swimsuit and cap).

Sauna, to purify your exterior

Past the reception desk, we collect our towels, bathrobes and sandals. We bundle up in the bathrobe, and head for the Espaces Libertés, and more specifically the Espace Nordique. We start with the 80-degree sauna, before moving on to the 60-degree one. The dry heat of the sauna encourages the elimination of toxins. Now it’s time for the showers, which will fully invigorate us.

Cold to invigorate, hot to relax

We take our courage in both hands, then grab some ice from the “Ice Fontaine” and rub it vigorously over our bodies. The effect is invigorating and invigorating after our hot sauna. For a gentler touch, we take snow showers. The snowflakes slowly settle on us, and return to their liquid state. to trickle onto our skin.

To complete our journey through the Espace Nordique, we move on to the “Rain Sky”, a shower inspired by a tropical downpour. The essences transport us to equatorial countries, as does the warmth that tenderly envelops us. This passage to Espace Nordique is a true moment of introspection, as a duo but also towards ourselves.

Two star treatments to do as a duo

Spaces for all tastes

The Spa de Vittel features six freedom spaces. For lovers of warmth, the espace oriental features a hammam with essences of pine and eucalyptus. All the ingredients you need for an oriental journey. The espace nordique, meanwhile, invigorates you with its dry heat, followed by ice showers, rain showers and the Ice Cave for shivers of well-being. The space eaux vives gives you access to outdoor jaccuzis, and the espace aquajets relaxes and tones.

For plant and fruit lovers, the tisanerie space invites you to recharge your batteries with its freshly brewed waters, fruit juices or even herbal teas concocted on site. For the more simplistic,the rest area, with its deckchairs, takes you on a journey to dreamland.

With the relaxation day pass, you’re in good hands!

The Tourist Office offers a relaxation day pass, which includes lunch and treatments at the Vittel Spa. A formula that will delight those who want to let their hair down without the headache of choosing their treatments.

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La Tisanerie, purifying from within

After enjoying the benefits of the Nordic area, we take time to recharge our batteries in the herbal tea room. There’s no alcohol at the bar, just fresh fruit for infused waters or fruit juices. Hot drinks are not outdone either, with a wide choice of herbal teas. We enjoy our drinks, before heading to the treatment area for a duo massage.

Vit Tel Ta Nature, prolonging the return to calm

We emerge from our duo course invigorated, and ready for the new adventures awaiting us in Vittel. But for now, we’re going to enjoy an unusual night in the Vit Tel Ta Nature cabins. The perfect way to extend our rejuvenating break in the heart of the Vosges forest.