Gueules d'ours shows, Christmas entertainment in VittelGueules d'ours shows, Christmas entertainment in Vittel
©Gueules d'ours shows, Christmas entertainment in Vittel|DALIA Jean-Jacques
Come and live in Vittel

End-of-year festivities

Want to marvel?

Vittel is the place to do it. Walks, magic shows, sculpture on galleys, a Christmas market, decorated shop windows, illuminated streets, a Saint-Nicolas challenge, concerts, pyrotechnics…and… Santa Claus and his elves !!!!. Our children drew us into this enchanting program!

Magic for the eyes

Over the course of a weekend, we’re going to experience some magical moments as a family!

Pyrotechnic shows, St. Nicholas parade, Christmas concert, ice sculpture, Christmas market, Santa’s presence – we’d been warned about the many events planned in Vittel during our stay, so the kids had already drawn up a program for the weekend so we wouldn’t miss any of the magical moments on offer!

Well wrapped up in our coats and scarves, we arrived to enjoy the window decorations in the shopping street, wonderfully decorated for the festive season. The illuminations delight the children (and us too!). The scent of mulled wine and spices is in the air, and we’re close to the Christmas market in Parc Badenweiller, which we’ll visit later. For the moment, we’re looking for the best spot to watch the procession. A fabulous show that the children have been dying to see.

We’re in place, and like us, many onlookers have done the same. Already the first notes of music ring out and in the distance the troupe takes shape. It’s magical, and you can see the wonder in everyone’s eyes! As they move forward, the audience forms behind them in a procession and accompanies the troupe in applause! It’s truly dazzling!

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Christmas entertainment in Vittel

The legend of Saint Nicholas

The festivities kick off with the traditional St Nicholas parade.

A lovely month of festivities

Enchanting shows throughout December

A multitude of activities

Ice sculptures, Christmas workshops, tastings…

For eyes and ears

Christmas concerts, strolls, you’ll be enchanted!

The legend of Saint Nicholas

The legend of Saint Nicholas has it that the saint resurrected three little children who had come to ask a butcher for hospitality. The butcher took advantage of their sleep to cut them up into pieces and put them in the salt cellar.
Seven years later, Saint Nicholas passed by and asked the butcher to serve him the seven-year-old salted fish.
Terrorized, the butcher fled, and Saint Nicholas brought the children back to life.

The legend of Saint Nicholas is based on the story of three little children who had come to ask for hospitality.

Christmas market

This superb show has whetted our appetites. We now head for the Christmas market. We set out in search of food, among all the tantalizing smells, to find the local specialties. It’s waffles and hot chocolate for the kids, and mulled wine and cookies for us. We take the opportunity to admire the ice sculptors set up next to the chalets.

The chalets offer us some beautiful things and we decide to do our Christmas shopping here: a jar of honey here, a bar of soap there, jewelry over there or even local confectionery, for us it’s very important!

We head back to our hotel, bags and stomachs full, ready for a good night’s sleep before tomorrow, which promises to be just as full 🙂


What do we see, snowflakes twirling above our heads !!! The kids are crazy with joy and don’t want to go home anymore!

Last day just as magical

We attack our second day after a beautiful night, a very light white carpet making the atmosphere even more enchanting!

We decide to go and enjoy the thermal park. It’s still quite early, so we pass a few runners, a few cyclists, and discover the sumptuous thermal gallery and its various springs. So much history in Vittel… the walk is really soothing, the place calm, we’re rejuvenated!

This afternoon we enjoy a magic show at the Palais des Congrès, and to finish, we have an appointment with….the Santa Claus in person!!!! The kids and ourselves are looking forward to it!