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Thermal cures

At the Vittel Spa
A spa treatment?

A spa cure is first and foremost a medical treatment prescribed by a general practitioner or specialist to treat a wide range of chronic ailments, but also to help the body recover from a demanding pathology thanks to the recognized virtues of natural underground waters.

What treatments are available during a spa cure?

Massages, hot or cold water whirlpool baths, jet showers and adapted physical activities under the watchful eye of multi-disciplinary health professionals are just some of the treatments that characterize spa cures, renowned for soothing everyday aches and pains and enabling spa-goers to regain a better quality of life.

Questions you may have

About spa treatments

  • What kind of aches and pains can spa treatments treat?

    Vittel thermal spring waters are reputed to be effective for long-lasting relief:

    • digestive ailments (DA): renal calculi, cystitis, prostatitis, mild renal insufficiency
    • metabolism (DA): overweight
    • urinary tract-related pathologies (UA): renal calculi, cystitis, prostatitis, mild renal failure
    • rheumatological conditions (RH): inflammatory rheumatism, various types of arthrosis – knee, shoulder, hand, ankle-, traumatic and post-operative sequelae, tendonitis, periarthritis, spondylarthritis, fibromyalgia, rheumarthrosis
  • How long have thermal waters been recognized?

    Vittel’s thermal spring waters have been renowned for their effectiveness since 1855.

  • Does a spa cure also help you lose weight?

    If you’re overweight, a spa treatment can be prescribed. It enables patients to regain a balanced diet and increase their physical activity. Overweight and rheumatic pain are closely linked, one often engendering the other. That’s why the Vittel spa offers treatment for both conditions (with a dual focus on rheumatology and weight loss).

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