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Vittel in all its glory

Architecture with many influences

Taste the richness of architecture

Vittel is a tasty mix of architectures diverse and varied: Art Deco, byzantine, Anglo-Norman style…. Signed by such greats as Charles Garnier, architect of the Opéra de Paris, Auguste Bluysen and Fernand César. It’s as you stroll through the city that you grasp all the complexity and essence that make it so rich.

Let history tell its own story

Marked by its architecture, the best way to discover the city is still to do so accompanied. Guided tours or apps, treat yourself to a bath in history as you delve into the secrets of Vittel’s most famous buildings. With Place des Vosges application, you’ll find all the routes and places of interest in the surrounding area, while the application Imagina lets you follow themed routes and add a fun dimension to your discovery of Vittel.

Historically rich

Dive into the past

While the Parc Thermal also makes Vittel rich, with its unspoilt nature and ambience that invites calm, the town’s heritage recalls a not-so-distant, lavish era when activities other than the thermal baths were dominant.